13 Feb

¿ Quien es José Salmerón Pascual ( Angel Bach ) ?

I am a Classical Composer
I am a Philosopher, a Visionary
an Independent Spirit and a Free Thinker
I am not Bound by Convention and
am Unconcerned by the Trends of Fashion
I Follow My Own Creative Star
I Believe in Beauty and the Power of Nature
I Believe in Freedom, Truth and Love
I Have the Call of the Wild in my Spirit
I am a Bohemian

Soy un Compositor Clásico
Soy un Filosofo, Un Visionario
un Espíritu Independiente, un Librepensador

No me Guían ni la Convención
ni las Ondas de la Moda

Sigo mi Propia Estrella Creativa
Creo en la Belleza y el poder de la Naturaleza
Creo en la Libertad, Verdad y Amor

Siento la Llamada de lo Salvaje en mi Espíritu

Soy un Bohemio.


Si te gusta ya somos dos.

Adoro Bellatrix.
“Ever since man first began to think, he has looked up at the stars in the night sky and wondered at the beauty and mystery of the Universe. The stars above that frame our nightly lives are the same stars that our ancestors saw since the beginning of time and are the same stars countless generations will see in the distant future.”

“Of all the things that have shaped and evolved the history of man, there are certain universal elements that have remained constant and fundamental to all peoples from all times. These are the universal connections that define our emotional and spiritual lives and link us with the past, the present and the future.”

“The night sky is a universal connection as is fire which, for thousands of years was the only natural light that did not come from the stars or the moon. In the patterns of the stars and by the light of fire our ancestors saw gods and creatures and signs and demons and paid their respects to the spirit world of their ancestors. This gave shape and meaning to the mystery of their universe.”

rene gruss“Today, science has illuminated the darkness and turned night into day. The bright, artificial lights that dominate our nightly lives have created a synthetic world that makes it difficult for our eyes to adjust to the surrounding darkness.”

“Technology and machines now dictate the way in which people live, the way they behave and sets the pace of their lives. The modern world is a complex and changing place where the relentless pace of living and the endless distractions of progress leave people with little time or opportunity to look up at the stars and connect with the mystery and beauty of their existence.”

“Our happiness comes from having our emotions lifted, our feelings expressed and our spirits connected. And that means sometimes we need to escape from the world of the machine and enter the world of the spirit and the soul. Sometimes we need to turn the bright lights off, to light a candle, to look up at the stars and connect with things that are more natural, richer, much deeper, and more mysterious.”


“When I look up at the heavens, I see in the patterns of the stars, artists and writers, thinkers and dreamers. I see the spirit of ancient peoples, old buildings and cobbled stone streets; I see a place of mystery and romance, creativity and inspiration; a place of truth, beauty and connection.”

“I compose music for the musicians of my imagination who live their lives close to the edge of my reality. For them, music is life and life is music. For me, they are me and I am them. I write music to express the mystery of my existence and the mystery of my talent, to inspire others with the beauty of the universe and to help connect people with their past their present and their future.”

René Gruss
Classical composer

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